Jack the Ripper

Jack The Ripper

There are many letters, some authentic and others frauds, to be found in the files of Scotland Yard. This particular sample has been judged as authentic.
The extreme emotion and irritability in this writing symbolize a writer who had little ability to restrain himself from pursuing his own wants and desires. He had no compassion toward his victims, it was all about pursuing his mood of the moment. Even allowing for the type of pen used in writing in 1888, the uneven pressure and spacing between words show obvious signs of emotional instability and inner conflict.
This writer was unstable and unable to understand and associate with others appropriately. He had a strong dislike for authority figures. The potential for violent behavior shows throughout the writing and include irritability, inability to control his desires, temper, and the propensity for physical violence.
“Jack” was a loner with enduring determination and the ability to follow-through and reach his goal. This man terrorized a whole city, taunted the authorities, and was never caught and punished for his crimes.