Improve yourself by knowing your strengths and weaknesses.  Everyone’s handwriting is unique.  A personal profile will give you a greater insight into your personality.  Knowing yourself better can assist you in becoming more successful personally and professionally.  


Compatibility is the basis of all personal relationships. 

  • Are the two of you sexually and intellectually compatible? 
  • Do you have the same long-term goals? 
  • Will this person be your ideal mate, lover, and friend?


Family Profiles point out traits that may be causing problems within the family unit. 

  • Are you unable to understand your child no matter how hard you try? 
  • Would you like to understand your husband, wife, parents, or children better? 
  • Is there an extremely sensitive family member? 

Understanding each family member’s personality will allow for more tolerance and the ability to solve problems positively.  Sometimes it helps to walk a mile in another’s shoes.


Use profiles to build the perfect team. 

  • Who is the office troublemaker? 
  • Should an employee always be supervised, or are they honest? 
  • Will a job applicant get along well with the present personnel? 
  • Does your prospective or current employee have the goal-setting skills to get things done? 
  • Is the prospective employee able to work without constant supervision? 
  • Are you going into business with someone else? 
  • Do you have the same short and long-term goal-setting ability as your prospective partner?


A profile of a deceased family member or friend.  A way to get to know that family member that could not be a part of your life.  A profile of a family member or friend to share with children when they grow up.  The fascinating thing about an individual’s handwriting is that the writing is that individual’s personality “frozen in time.”   No matter how long ago their writing was committed to paper, their essence will show through until the handwriting is no longer legible.    

Health Indicators

Handwriting is “brain writing” and, as we know, the brain controls the nerve centers, respiratory system, and other autonomous functions.  Since the brain also controls handwriting certain signs can be seen in handwriting that correlate to certain health issues.

For example, when a person is suffering from a cold or the flu the pressure of the handwriting will fluctuate.  It will become lighter due to the lack of vitality and energy of the writer.  Problems may show up in the area of the respiratory system.  The writing will return to normal when the cause of the illness disappears.

Health in handwriting issues come up every time I analyze handwriting in public.  In one public appearance in Plano, I analyzed the handwriting of a man who was in his early 60’s and appeared to be healthy.  After discussing the main points of the analysis with him, I mentioned to him that what looked like a health problem with his heart was showing up in the writing.   I also told him that I could see an extension of the health problem up into the head area on the same side and asked if he had suffered a stroke with the heart attack.  He just stood and stared at me for a minute and said “no” actually he had died.  Well, then I stared at him for a minute.  This gentleman had a heart attack and when the cardiac doctor was working on him the wire that was inserted into the heart actually touched an area that caused the heart to beat so irregularly that he died on the table.  The lack of oxygen to the brain did not impair how sharp mentally he is, but did impair the quickness with which he thinks.

Here are some examples of health indicators:

   The thickness of this writing in the area of the head indicates an injury to the top portion of the head or brain.

     The letter “w” with one side elevated shows one hip higher than the other, which causes lower back problems.

Pain dots symbolize areas of pain or damage in a physical area.  This pain dot represents a broken ankle and the intermittent pain associated with that injury.