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The science of “Graphology or Handwriting Analysis” is much like creating a painting.  First. you have a blank canvas, then the background is added, next, the larger structures or facial features appear, then the colors are blended and small touches are added to give the picture life and make it unique.  Although there are forms and structures at each stage of the painting, it is only after all of the many components are blended that you see the complete picture.

Please remember that each new concept you learn studying handwriting analysis, providing the concept is valid, will stand on its own.  However, it is only after blending it with the overall writing, that the full personality appears.

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Fundamental Evidence Based Handwriting Analysis Course
Advanced Evidenced Based Handwriting Analysis Course

All students are entitled to spend 20 hours of discussion with me regarding class materials, tests, questions on samples, or any other topic related to the certification course in which the student is enrolled.  Also, once a student has completed the Fundamental Course, I encourage all my students to stay in touch.

Handwriting Analysis Courses

Cover both the trait and gestalt methods of handwriting analysis. Instruction includes face-to-face, online and/or over the phone personal training. Topics include gestalt & trait training, profile creation, hiring tips, compatibility, occupation, and an in-depth study of handwritten samples. Books required for this course will be extra.

Handwriting Analysis Courses